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#1. 竞争法和公司法 (9.30am – 11am 澳洲东部时间)点此观看

  • 郭琦 女士(新南威尔士大学法学院)“An Analysis of the Impact of the New Voluntary Disclosure on Continuous Disclosure in China: Foolproof or Full of Loopholes?”
  • Roza Nurgozhayeva 博士(纳扎尔巴耶夫大学,哈萨克斯坦)“Corporate Law After COVID-19” 
  • 杨烁 女士(新南威尔士大学法学院)“Reflecting on the accountability system of non-profit residential care institutions during the COVID-19 outbreak pandemic in China”
  • Sin Chit Lai 博士(宾夕法尼亚大学)“Deterrence of the three-track settlement system under Hong Kong’s Competition Ordinance”
  • 吴佩乘 先生(新南威尔士大学法学院/上海交通大学)"The Implications of the US-China Trade Agreement on the Civil Protection of Trade Secrets in China: Is it a Game-Changer?"



#2. 仲裁与纠纷处理 (11.30am-1pm 澳大利亚东部时间)点此观看

  • Lance Ang 先生(National University of Singapore)"International Commercial Courts and the Interplay Between Realism and Institutionalism – A Look at China and Singapore"
  • Mark McLaughlin 博士(新加坡管理大学/中国政法大学)"COVID-19 and The Singapore Convention: Have the Stars Aligned for Investor-State Mediation?"
  • 庞慧 女士(新南威尔士大学法学院)"Renewable Energy Investment and Climate Change Mitigation: Is The Investor-State Dispute Settlement Mechanism Ready for Public Interest Litigations?"
  • Yue Zhao 女士(日内瓦大学)"Revisiting Chinese IIAs during the COVID-19 pandemic: Are public policy clauses a sufficient defence for emergency measures?"



#3. 投资法 (2.30pm-4pm 澳大利亚东部时间)点此观看

  • Apeksha Chauhan 女士(印度工商业部贸易和财政政策司)"Global FDI restrictions post COVID-19: Maintaining national security or deaccelerating Globalisation"
  • Kehinde Olaoye 女士(香港中文大学) "Force Majeure Clauses, Investor-State Contract Disputes and the Covid-19 Pandemic"
  • Nicola Strain 女士(奥斯陆大学)"Assessing emergencies before investor-state arbitral tribunals: BITs fit for purpose to address global health pandemics?"
  • Swargodeep Sarkar 先生(印度理工学院克勒格布尔分校)"India, Health-related Regulatory Measures, and Investment Treaty Arbitration – Can Police Powers Doctrine be a Knight in Shining Armor?"



#4. 中国国际商法和贸易法 (4.30pm-6pm 澳大利亚东部时间) 点此观看

  • 姜慧芹 副教授(浙江理工大学)"Levelling the Playing Field for Foreign Investors: What Needs to be Done in China?"
  • 车路遥 副教授(中国政法大学)“China’s Response to the “Market-Orientated Conditions” Proposal for the WTO Reform and its Implications in the Era of (Post-) COVID-19”
  • Salvatore FP Barillà 先生(爱丁堡大学)“EU-China trade and investment relations and COVID-19: old struggles and new challenges”