Our associates


Mr. Bruce Duncan

Bruce Duncan

Chinese ICT legislative framework revision in response to technological evolution; a comparative with United States course’ (Deborah Healey/Kayleen Manwaring/Lu Wang)







Mr. Simon Lacey

Simon Lacey headshot

‘Success and failure in the race to coordinate domestic policies, regulatory frameworks and institutions to the realities of the 21st century trading system: Australia and its regional trade partners’ (Heng Wang/ Weihuan Zhou/Lu Wang)






Miss Hui Pang

Hui Pang headshot

'Global Commons in International Investment Law: The Rights and Responsibilities of States and Investors in Renewable Energy Investments’ (Xiao-Chuan Weng/ Heng Wang/ Lucas Lixinski)






Miss Zhenyu (Zoe) Xiao

Zhenyu Xiao headshot

‘The Evolution of Settlement of Investor-State Disputes in China: A Coherent and Conscious Approach?’ (Heng Wang/ Jonathan Bonnitcha)






 Ms. Shuo Yang

Shuo Yang headshot

'Reforming Corporate Governance Laws of Chinese Nonprofit Residential Care Institutions:Theoretical and practical Considerations' (Xiao-chuan Weng/ Marina Nehme)






Dr. Xue (Sophia) Bai

Xue Sophia Bai headshot

‘Reform of Chinese state-owned enterprises: What China can learn from the practice of competitive neutrality in Australia’ (Deborah Healey/Leon Trakman/Heng Wang/Mark Williams)

Completion year: 2021





Dr. Qi (Belle) Guo

Belle Guo headshot

'Continuous Disclosure of Chinese Cross-border Listed Companies in Australia: Challenges and Proposals' (Marina Nehme/ Xiao-chuan Weng)

Completion year: 2022





Dr. Xiaomeng (Phyllis) Qu

Xiaomeng Phyllis Qu headshot

'Protection of Private Property Rights in Compulsory Land Acquisition in Modern China'(Brendan Edgeworth/Weihuan Zhou)

Completion year: 2021





 Dr. Peicheng (Matthew) Wu

Matthew Wu headshot

'Research on Anti-monopoly Regulation of Abuse of Market Dominance in Trade Secret' (Deborah Healey/ Xiao-chuan Weng/Alexandra George)

Completion year: 2022





Dr. Chenxi Wang

Dr Chenxi Wang headshot

'Central-Provincial Dynamics in China's WTO Disputes: 'Local Protectionism' versus International Pressure' (Leon Trakman/Zeller Bruno)

Completion year: 2017





Dr. Shangxuan (Martin) Wu

Martin Shangxuan Wu headshot

'The Status Quo and Prospect of Dual-Class Share Structure in Mainland China: Lessons and Experiences from Practices Under the Common Law System' (Xiao-chuan Weng)

Completion year: 2022





 Dr. Dan Xie

Dan Xie headshot

‘Due Process Defence to Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards under the New York Convention: A Global Perspective in Theory and Practice' (Lucas Lixinski/Leon Trakman/Jeanne Huang)

Completion year: 2022






Dr. Ngoc Thuan Hoang

'China's lawsuits against the double remedies issue of the US and practical applications for Vietnam' (Colin Picker/Lisa Toohey/Weihuan Zhou)

Completion year: 2018