New Landscape of International Economic Legal Order and Its Implications


Technology, digital currency, and climate change are crucial factors that profoundly affect world economy. New digital currencies, such as central bank digital currency (CBDC) as a digital form of fiat currency, bring new opportunities and challenges to world economy. These issues range from data harvesting to privacy and cyber security. Moreover, climate change brings growing challenges to the monetary policy.  

All these factors involve complex regulatory and technical issues. How would CBDC be issued and operate? What are the right and duty of central banks? What are the different approaches to CBDC? How to address the new challenges brought by climate change to monetary policy? 

To explore the future landscape of world economy, our global experts Professor Jianfu Chen, Professor Sayuri Shirai, Mr John Velissarios, Professor Corinne Zellweger-Gutknecht and Professor Heng Wang discussed those cutting-edge and underexplored questions. 


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