About the Centre


UNSW Law & Justice's China International Business and Economic Law (CIBEL) Centre is the world’s largest centre outside China for the research and teaching of international business and economic law issues focusing on the impact of China domestically, in Asia Pacific and internationally. Established in 2015, CIBEL membership boasts the largest number of Chinese scholars of international business and economic law in any law school outside China, alongside pre-eminent Australian experts in CIBEL issues. 

CIBEL research provides essential objective insights into China and its impact in the Asia Pacific and globally. China is Australia’s largest trade partner and its influence on the country, within the region and internationally, is huge. Current political difficulties do not change this. In fact, they make the study of China international business and economic law in the region more critically important for business, policy makers and other stakeholders than previously. CIBEL's research in collaboration with significant universities and policymakers in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region takes a broad view of emerging legal issues which affect business and trade. 



To lead the world in international business and economic law and practice, examining issues around China and its impact on Australia, the Asia-Pacific region and internationally, with high quality strategic academic research providing timely, cutting-edge views on significant stakeholder issues, facilitating informed debate and providing trusted advice for business, government, international organisations, the judiciary, and the legal profession around key issues such as trade and investment, sustainable development, digital currency and finance, digitisation, competition, and international dispute resolution.



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