CIBEL Working Paper Series

CIBEL Working Paper Series

The CIBEL Working Paper Series provides a world-leading platform for the publication and promotion of quality research-in-progress on the most fundamental and cutting-edge issues relating to China, the Asia-Pacific region and the global economy in the fields of international business and economic law. It features work by established and early career academics and commentators worldwide and welcomes submissions accordingly.



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For general queries about CIBEL Working Papers series, please contact Dr Sophia Bai in the first instance.

2024 Issue 1

[2024] CIBELWPS 1 | Normative Impacts and Legitimacy Dimensions in the Intersection of Trade and Agile Regulation within Comprehensive Free Trade Agreementsby Stefanie Schacherer

[2024] CIBELWPS 2 | Digital Trade Governance in the Asia-Pacific Regionby Xiaomeng Qu

[2024] CIBELWPS 3 | Demystifying China’s Critical Minerals Strategies: Rethinking “Derisking” Supply Chains by Weihuan Zhou, Victor Crochet, and Haoxue Wang

[2024] CIBELWPS 4 | China as a Development Model for the Global South: Opportunities and Limitsby Henry Gao, Gregory Shaffer, and Mario R. Osorio Hernandez

[2024] CIBELWPS 5 | From Confrontation to Coexistence: An Appeal Opt-out Arrangement as an Inclusive Approach to Revive the WTO Dispute Settlement System?by Wenhua Ji

Submission Guidelines

Works which may be suitable for publication as part of the Series include: 

  • Full draft of journal articles (submitted or unsubmitted to journals)

  • Original version of articles accepted for publication in Journals (refereed or not) ('pre-prints'); 

  • Reports (not Annual) and Working Papers which Centres are publishing in hard copy; 

  • Unpublished book chapters;  

  • Conference papers. 

 Generally the following works are not suitable for re-publication in the Series: 

  • Items less than 5 A4 pages (a de minimis test); 

  • Sets of PowerPoints, no matter what they are accompanied by;  

  • Papers which consist substantially of lists of bullet points rather than fully-expressed arguments; 

  • Papers which describe some legal content (e.g. new legislation) without analysing it to any significant extent. 

Each paper accepted for publication will receive a CIBEL Working Paper Series citation in addition to the original citation for those works which have already been published, a CIBEL Working Paper Series cover page and publication on our webpage. 

For further information, please contact the Assistant Editor Dr Sophia Bai in the first instance. 


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