Our associates


Mr. Bruce Duncan

Bruce Duncan

Data through Devices: Chinese and US data governance frameworks and the cross-border flow of device-collected data' (Heng Wang/Kayleen Manwaring)







Mr. Simon Lacey

Simon Lacey headshot

‘Success and failure in the race to coordinate domestic policies, regulatory frameworks and institutions to the realities of the 21st century trading system: Australia and its regional trade partners’ (Heng Wang/ Weihuan Zhou)






Miss Hui Pang

Hui Pang headshot

'Global Commons in International Investment Law: The Rights and Responsibilities of States and Investors in Renewable Energy Investments’ (Xiao-Chuan Weng/ Heng Wang/ Lucas Lixinski)






Miss Zhenyu (Zoe) Xiao

Zhenyu Xiao headshot

‘The Evolution of Settlement of Investor-State Disputes in China: A Coherent and Conscious Approach?’ (Heng Wang/ Jonathan Bonnitcha)






 Ms. Shuo Yang

Shuo Yang headshot

'Reforming Corporate Governance Laws of Chinese Nonprofit Residential Care Institutions:Theoretical and practical Considerations' (Xiao-chuan Weng/ Marina Nehme)






Dr. Xue (Sophia) Bai

Xue Sophia Bai headshot

‘Reform of Chinese state-owned enterprises: What China can learn from the practice of competitive neutrality in Australia’ (Deborah Healey/Leon Trakman/Heng Wang/Mark Williams)

Completion year: 2021





Dr. Qi (Belle) Guo

Belle Guo headshot

'Continuous Disclosure of Chinese Cross-border Listed Companies in Australia: Challenges and Proposals' (Marina Nehme/ Xiao-chuan Weng)

Completion year: 2022





Dr. Xiaomeng (Phyllis) Qu

Xiaomeng Phyllis Qu headshot

'Protection of Private Property Rights in Compulsory Land Acquisition in Modern China'(Brendan Edgeworth/Weihuan Zhou)

Completion year: 2021





 Dr. Peicheng (Matthew) Wu

Matthew Wu headshot

'Research on Anti-monopoly Regulation of Abuse of Market Dominance in Trade Secret' (Deborah Healey/ Xiao-chuan Weng/Alexandra George)

Completion year: 2022





Dr. Chenxi Wang

Dr Chenxi Wang headshot

'Central-Provincial Dynamics in China's WTO Disputes: 'Local Protectionism' versus International Pressure' (Leon Trakman/Zeller Bruno)

Completion year: 2017





Dr. Shangxuan (Martin) Wu

Martin Shangxuan Wu headshot

'The Status Quo and Prospect of Dual-Class Share Structure in Mainland China: Lessons and Experiences from Practices Under the Common Law System' (Xiao-chuan Weng)

Completion year: 2022





 Dr. Dan Xie

Dan Xie headshot

‘Due Process Defence to Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards under the New York Convention: A Global Perspective in Theory and Practice' (Lucas Lixinski/Leon Trakman/Jeanne Huang)

Completion year: 2022