2021 JCICEL Conference: exploring the trend of international commercial and economic law

Thur 12 November 2021 

By Dr Xue BAI


The Tsinghua-UNSW Joint Research Centre for International Commercial and Economic Law (JCICEL) was established in 2019 as a workstream of the China International Business and Economic Law (CIBEL) Centre to encourage collaboration between researchers from Tsinghua University and UNSW Sydney. 

The 2021 JCICEL Conference was held online on 10 November 2021 with speakers from academia, industry and the Bank for international Settlements. This event was well received and attracted 510 registrations from 33 countries, up from 303 registrations in 2020. The recordings of the panels are available on the CIBEL website

Co-Directors of the CIBEL Centre Professor Deborah Healey and Professor Heng Wang, four CIBEL members, Associate Professor Kun Fan, Associate Professor Weihuan Zhou, Dr Lu Wang and Scientia Professor Ross Buckley were joined by Associate Professor Chenying Zhang, Director of the Centre for Competition Law at Faculty of Law, Tsinghua University, Associate Professor Simin Gao, Associate Dean of School of Law at Tsinghua University and Deputy Co-Director of the Tsinghua-UNSW Joint Research Centre for International Commercial and Economic Law (JCICEL) and Dr Zhiqi (Alice) Mao, Senior Research Specialist at the Ant Group, and Dr Raphael Auer, Principal Economist in the Innovation and the Digital Economy unit of the Bank for international Settlements . 

This conference was consisted of two panels: Panel 1: New Trend of SOEs Rules and Merger Control and Panel 2: The Trend of Digital Currency and RegTech 

The first panel of the conference was chaired by Associate Professor Kun Fan and speakers explored the trend of international commercial and economic Law and its implications based on the analysis of representative areas (e.g., state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and investment rules, merge control). In this panel, Associate Professor Weihuan Zhou addressed issues relating to ‘joining the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific (CPTPP) and Reforms of State-Owned Enterprises’. Dr Lu Wang shared her view on ‘Regulating State-Owned Enterprises through International Investment Agreements: A Critical Analysis of the EU-China CAI’. Professor Deborah Healey and Associate Professor Chenying Zhang offered insights on cutting edge issues relating to competition law and digital developments from Australia and China perspective. 

Associate Professor Simin Gao chaired the second panel of the conference, which explored the latest development of digital currency (e.g., central bank digital currency) and RegTech, and their implications for business communities and other stakeholders. In this panel, Scientia Professor Ross Buckley shared his view on ‘Central Bank Digital Currencies: Why They Will Promote a Truly Bipolar World and Displace Stablecoins’. Dr Zhiqi (Alice) Mao spoke on ‘Regtech: Restructuring of Compliance Management System in the Age of Digital Economy’. Professor Heng Wang and Associate Professor Simin Gao focused on ‘The Future of the International Financial System: The Emerging CBDC Network and Its Impact on Regulation’. Dr Raphael Auer addressed issues relating to ‘Retail CBDCs: the Global Landscape’. 

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