Associate Professor Weihuan Zhou Appointed Member of Global Future Council on the Future of Trade and Investment (WEF)

25 June 2024

CIBEL Co-director Associate Professor Weihuan Zhou has been appointed as a Council Member of Global Future Council on the Future of Trade and Investment, World Economic Forum. The World Economic Forum is an independent international organisation for public-private cooperation. It offers a global, impartial, and non-profit platform to foster trust and drive cooperative initiatives for global progress. The Global Future Council on Trade and Investment brings together leaders and experts from government, business and civil society to discuss the most critical global issues in Trade and cross-border investment. They collaborate to generate insights and shape agendas aimed at creating sustainable, resilient and equitable companies, economies and societies.  

Associate Professor Weihuan Zhou is a recognised expert in the field of international economic law. His research focuses on the most current and controversial issues in the field of international economic law, particularly the nexus between international trade law and China. His work has been cited widely, including in reports of the European Parliament, the Parliament of Australia, Australia’s Productivity Commission, US Congressional Research Services and World Economic Forum. Dr Zhou serves as the co-Secretary of the Society of International Economic Law (SIEL) and as an editorial board member of the World Trade Review, the Journal of International Trade Law and Policy, and the Journal of WTO and China. 

Associate Professor Weihuan Zhou’s research can be found at SSRN, Twitter , and LinkedIn.