Associate Professor Weihuan Zhou's 2023 Recap

13 November 2023

CIBEL Co-Director Associate Professor Weihuan Zhou has spent the months of late August, September, and October 2023 connecting with colleagues and institutions around the globe. Throughout his travels to Singapore, Geneva, and China, Associate Professor Zhou participated in significant international events and showcased CIBEL’s research and teaching to the international community.  


In late August, Associate Professor Weihuan Zhou was invited to visit Singapore Management University Law School for three weeks by Professor Yip Man, the school’s Associate Dean of Research. Associate Professor Zhou spent his time reconnecting with the university, which has been CIBEL’s major partner in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific Region for many years.  

Engaging with colleagues to understand their research interests and ascertain opportunities for collaboration was a key goal during this visit. Associate Professor Zhou co-authored an article published by the Journal of International Economic Law titled “Competition among purposes: The Chinese Experience in the Governance of Climate Change and Energy Transition” with Professor Henry Gao of Singapore Management University. Associate Professor Zhou connected with industry and business partners in Singapore through attending and speaking at multiple events including two events organised by the Hinrich Foundation and the Global Trade Review Asia 2023, a major industry event, where he participated in discussions surrounding the disruptions to global value chains and implications for China.  

Connecting with students to highlight CIBEL’s teaching opportunities and provide mentorship was another of Associate Professor Zhou’s aims. He took on the role of guest lecturer for Professor Gao’s World Trade Organisation class, attended an event for PhD students organised by Professor Zhang Wei, Director of PG Studies, and joined the University’s SMOO Challenge Walk.  

CIBEL will continue its collaboration with Singapore Management University Law School into 2024. 


During his time in Geneva, Associate Professor Weihuan Zhou attended the 2023 World Trade Organisation Public Forum to lead a session on behalf of CIBEL. Held on the 12-15 September, the Forum organised 130 sessions and attracted around 3000 participants. CIBEL’s session discussing the topic ‘Ally-shoring Critical Minerals for a Green Transition: Reimagining the WTO’s Role in Managing Confrontations and Disruptions’ was livestreamed worldwide. The World Trade Organisation Public Forum is the globe’s largest and leading event on the future of the global trading system and the world economy in general.  

Associate Professor Weihuan Zhou also spoke a session within the public forum organised by the Ministry of Economy of United Arab Emirates (UAE). This session was titled ‘Disruptive Trends in Global Supply Chain Sustainability Implications for Global Trade’, and his advice was well received.  


It has been seven years since CIBEL last visited China. CIBEL collaborates with many institutions and colleagues in China. As the bilateral relationship continues to stabilize and Chinese Universities and students recommence activities with foreign institutions and overseas study, reconnecting with Chinese Universities, partners, colleagues, and students in person is a top priority for CIBEL.  

Associate Professor Weihuan Zhou travelled to the 4 cities of Shanghai, Xiamen, Beijing, and Chongqing and connected with colleagues from 10 universities to showcase CIBEL’s research and teaching, discuss collaborative opportunities, and understand the economic, political and social environment for Chinese Universities as well as their current priorities and interests.  

Associate Professor Zhou visited the following universities: 

  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University, where he presented at a roundtable event with academics and students. 

  • Fudan University, where he presented at a roundtable event with academics and students. 

  • East China University of Science and Technology, where he presented at a roundtable event with academics and students and was a guest lecturer for a Postgraduate class.  

  • East China University of Political Science and Law, where he will speak at an upcoming event 

  • Xiamen University, where he was appointed as “Chen An Professor of International Law”, a prestigious academic award in China, particularly in recognition of contributions to the field of international economic law.  

  • Tsinghua University, where he led a group of CIBEL colleagues to attend the 2023 JCICEL Conference – an annual event co-hosted by CIBEL and Tsinghua Law School through the Tsinghua-UNSW Joint Research Centre for International Commercial and Economic Law (JCICEL) to facilitate the collaboration between UNSW Law and Justice and Tsinghua University Law School.  

  • China University of Political Science and Law, where he presented at a Faculty event with academics and students. 

  • University of International Business and Economics,  Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and Southwest University of Political Science and Law, where he met with many colleagues to discuss potential collaborations.  

Keep up with Associate Professor Weihuan Zhou’s research and activities on SSRN, Twitter @WeihuanZhou, and LinkedIn.

The image above was originally sourced from the Global Trade Review via LinkedIn.