CIBEL PhD candidate Dany Xie won the 2021 ACICA competition

Tue 28 September 2021 

By Hanna Jez


CIBEL is pleased to announce that one of our PhD candidates Dany Xie has won the 2021 Australian Centre for International Commercial Arbitration Essay Competition (ACICA) with her essay titled ‘lura Novit Curia and Due Process’.

The ACICA Essay Competition is an annual competition which encourages students based in Australia who are studying Bachelor, Juris Doctor or Masters level law degrees or Australian lawyers in their first five years of practice to submit an essay on a specific topic which changes yearly.

This year’s theme was called ‘Abirtration, But Not as We Know It.’ Essays could freely address the topic without any limitations.

Dany’s winning essay will be published in the December edition of the ACICA Review. Dany has also been awarded a guest seat at the ACICA table for the ADC ADR Awards Night Dinner in 2021, a year’s worth of an ACICA Associate membership, and more.

For more information on the competition, click here.

Dany has also published a chapter within Paulo Figueiredo, Francisco José Leandro and Yichao Li's (eds) book Special Economic Zones as Regional Development Enablers (IGI, 2021) on the 'Changing Tide of China's Foreign Investment Regulatory Reform Starting from Free Trade Zones: The Case of Negative Lists'.

For more information on this publication, click here.