Seed grants– 6 projects awarded Centre funding

Mon 26 November 2018

By Jayne He 


The CIBEL Centre recently announced 6 successful recipients of the Centre’s seed funding with the aim to support original and collaborative research that relates to Chinese international business and economic law.

The total of $60,000 was made available by the Centre to promote research collaborations and to explore cutting-edge research areas that are relevant to the Centre’s research interests.

It was a competitive application process, with five applicants being awarded funding that covered a diverse range of topics. The successful projects include:

“China’s approach to Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC): A (Geo)political and legal analysis” proposed by co-director of the CIBEL Centre Associate Professor Heng Wang and Associate Professor Elizabeth Thurbon from UNSW Sydney School of Social Sciences aims to develop the first ever systematic and interdisciplinary analysis on China’s CBDC promotion strategy and its implications to the globe.

“Understanding Concepts of Intellectual ‘Property’ in Communist China” collaborated between Associate Professor Alexandra George from UNSW Sydney and Associate Professor Guobin Cui from China’s Tsinghua University will examine the concept of “property” in Chinese intellectual property law under its communist context as a further step of Associate Professor George’s previous study on this field.

Between Market Economy and State Capitalism: China’s State-Owned Enterprises and the World Trading System” by Dr Weihuan Zhou from UNSW Sydney and Associate Professor Henry Gao from Singapore Management University will study the regulation of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) under the fast-changing multilateral trading system nowadays with a specific focus on China’s SOEs. The study will give suggestions to China’s SOEs on how to accommodate themselves to the challenging world trading system.

“Enforcing and improving regulation: Comparative approaches to mitigating unconventional gas mining pollution in Australia and China” by Dr Tariro Mutongwizo and Associate Professor Cameron Holley from UNSW Sydney will investigate pollution issues that result from resource mining through the lens of legal regulation. The outcome of which, will hopefully be a better solution on pollution regulation policy making.

“Personal information protection in the development of China's financial technology”, which is a four-party collaboration project involves Associate Professor Xiao-chuan Weng from the CIBEL Centre, Professor Xu Duoqi from China’s Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), Michael Chin from KPMG Australia, Shen Jing from Shanghai Everbright Law Firm and SJTU’s Ph.D. student Tang Shiya. This project will investigate how to protect personal information against illegal collection by lawmaking. Given the huge development of financial technology in China over the past several years, this is particularly topical.

“Negotiating, Drafting and Interpreting Natural Resource Contracts in the Australia-China Trade” by Professor Leon Trakman from UNSW Sydney aims to develop contract negotiating and drafting strategies for Australia-China Trade in natural resources sector which is threatened by losses due to market disruptions, government intervention and natural disasters.

Congratulations to the successful applicants!