2021 CIBEL Annual Keynote: Who is holding the baby on digital assets? Ethics in data, AI and robotics


Lawmakers around the world are playing catch-up to account for new business and economic activities enabled by emerging technologies. As our identities and “assets” shift into the digital realm, the absence of a mature legal framework leaves us exposed to the risk of real world harm. Without adequate legal protection in the digital sphere, businesses must rely on ethical principles as a robust and proactive tool to inform business decision making in the face of digital transformation. Stewardship model and ESG reporting was explored. Other questions include: How are digital assets relevant to the future of international business?  What new economic activity do they give rise to? How are these new economic activities to be regulated? What is the role of ethics in responding as a society to emerging technologies? How can ethics guide decisions that businesses make in relation to data, AI and robotics?

In the 2021 CIBEL Annual Keynote, Natasha Blycha, Managing Director at Stirling & Rose and former Global Head of Digital Law at Herbert Smith Freehills, shared her insights on who is holding the baby on digital assets, ethics in data, AI and robotics, and the stewardship model and ESG reporting.


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