Announcing 2020 CIBEL Global Network Prize winners

Wed 10 February 2021

By Jayne He 


Mr Philip Rogers of the University of California, Berkeley has won the 2020 CIBEL Global Network PhD Prize, and Mr Lance Ang of the National University of Singapore has won the 2020 CIBEL Global Network Young Scholar Prize. UNSW Law & Justice’s Herbert Smith Freehills China International Business and Economic Law (CIBEL) Centre congratulates both recipients.

Mr Rogers and Mr Ang were selected from the 44 eligible applications received.

Mr Philip Rogers is a PhD Candidate at the University of California, Berkeley in the US. His paper is titled “Power in Moderation: Understanding the Tolerated Circumvention of China’s Foreign Direct Investment Regime”.  Mr Rogers’ presentation introduced the mechanism, legal context and theories behind the Variable Interest Entity (VIE) in China. A recording of his conference presentation is available here.

Mr Lance Ang is a Research Associate at the Centre for Asian Legal Studies of the Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore. His paper “International Commercial Courts and the Interplay Between Realism and Institutionalism – A Look at China and Singapore” explores the differences in the constitution and structure of the China International Commercial Court (CICC) and Singapore International Commercial Court (SICC), and the interplay between realism and institutionalism in transboundary commercial dispute settlement. A recording of his conference presentation is available here

CIBEL also congratulates Ms Nicola Strain for being selected as the finalist of the 2020 CIBEL Global Network PhD Prize. Ms Strain is a PhD candidate at the University of Oslo in Norway. Her paper is on “Assessing emergencies before investor-state arbitral tribunals: BITs fit for purpose to address global health pandemics?” It canvasses current mechanisms available to investor-state arbitral tribunals to consider global health problems, in particular the application of international health law instruments in considering the necessity defence and regulatory powers doctrine.  A recording of her conference presentation is available here.

CIBEL congratulates these three scholars for their achievements. CIBEL will release the Call for Papers for the 2021 CIBEL Global Network Conference and Young Scholars Workshop very soon. CIBEL looks forward to meeting old friends and new faces in this year’s virtual events.