International Investment Law


Stream Leader: Dr Lu Wang

International investment law is one of the most dynamic fields of international economic law and practice. The COVID-19 crisis poses challenges and opportunities for the efforts to reform international investment agreements (IIAs) and investor-State dispute settlement (ISDS). As China grows more powerful and contributes to global outward foreign direct investment (FDI), its participation in the international investment regime has attracted growing concerns about challenges to existing rules and its implications for future international investment regulation. The “International Investment Law” stream seeks to explore how current investment rules and institutions can be improved to promote and protect foreign investment in post-pandemic recovery and address the impact of policy initiatives in China and globally on the future international investment law regime. Led by Dr Lu Wang, the stream will examine a broad spectrum of significant issues emanating from investment law and policy, including:

  • Evolution of investment treaties, including the CPTPP, RCEP, and the EU-China CAI
  • International regulations on state-owned enterprises (SOEs)
  • Reform of investment dispute settlement
  • National security concerns and FDI screening
  • China’s foreign investment regime
  • The Belt and Road Initiative and its legal implications