Corporate and Securities Law


Stream Leader: Associate Professor Charlie Xiao-chuan Weng

The COVID-19 pandemic and changes in the global political landscape continue to significantly impact the global economy and flow of capital and people. Business organisations face unprecedented challenges given the potential changes in the existing supply chains. Corporate and securities laws are critical for businesses to respond quickly to these challenges. Moreover, given that China is one of Australia's primary trading and investment partners, Chinese corporate and securities law has become one of the significant areas of the law requiring more intensive research and discussion in and outside Australia.

The steam's research focus includes the following topics:
  • corporate law and the law of other non-governmental organisations
  • the regulation of financial markets and intermediaries
  • the legal framework of finance, including the law of bankruptcy, corporate reorganisation, and secured transactions

Stream programs consist of lectures, roundtables, a workshop in law and finance, a colloquium series, a lunch program, panels, and symposia, in which academics, government officials, and members of the bar and business community participate.