Young Scholars Workshop on Competition Law and Corporate Law


The 2020 CIBEL Global Network Young Scholars Workshop offers a great opportunity for people to listen to scholars who are young but have great potentials in the legal study and profession on their research projects or thoughts that are related to the CIBEL field. 

This year's workshop consisted of four 90-minute online sessions, each focused on one or more research areas within the CIBEL field. 16 excellent speakers from some top institutes around the globe have been selected to present at the workshop, including the University of Pennsylvania (US), University of Edinburgh (UK), University of Oslo (Norway), Trade and Fiscal Policy Division, Ministry of Commerce and Industry (India), National University of Singapore (Singapore), University of Geneva (Switzerland), China University of Political Science and Law (China), just to name a few.

#1. Competition Law and Corporate Law 

  • Ms Belle Qi Guo (UNSW Law) “An Analysis of the Impact of the New Voluntary Disclosure on Continuous Disclosure in China: Foolproof or Full of Loopholes?”
  • Dr Roza Nurgozhayeva (Nazarbayev University, Republic of Kazakhstan) “Corporate Law After COVID-19” 
  • Ms Shuo Yang (UNSW Law) “Reflecting on the accountability system of non-profit residential care institutions during the COVID-19 outbreak pandemic in China”
  • Dr Sin Chit Lai (University of Pennsylvania) “Deterrence of the three-track settlement system under Hong Kong’s Competition Ordinance”
  • Mr Peicheng (Matthew) Wu (UNSW Law/Shanghai Jiao Tong University) "The Implications of the US-China Trade Agreement on the Civil Protection of Trade Secrets in China: Is it a Game-Changer?"


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