International Financial and Monetary Law


Stream Leader: Professor Heng Wang

Contributors: Scientia Professor Ross Buckley, Professor Deborah Healey, Professor Heng Wang

​​​​​International financial and monetary law covers wide-ranging areas including banking and currency. It is evolving rapidly due to technological and geoeconomic change. The stream explores future trends in international financial and monetary law, and the implications for international and regional organisations, regulators, business, NGOs, consumers and other stakeholders. 

Emerging issues include central bank digital currency (CBDC) and stablecoins, and the impact on finance of sustainable development. The stream engages with public and private stakeholders to explore the benefits from new opportunities and to address new challenges.

The stream examines cutting-edge questions such as:

  1. How should international financial and monetary law in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond respond to these changes? How will they affect business practices and regulatory approaches? For instance, how will new digital currencies (CBDC and stablecoins) affect the practices of international finance?
  2. What are the different approaches to financial and monetary law adopted by jurisdictions such as Australia, China and the US? How will business and other stakeholders respond? 
  3. How should we deal with complex issues such as sustainable development, data regulation and concentration, and digital identity? What are the major opportunities and challenges? What do these issues mean for business, international and regional organisations, regulators, NGOs, the public and other stakeholders?