Exploring the dynamic landscape of International Commercial and Economic Law at the 2022 JCICEL Conference

13 December 2022

By Hanna Jez 


The 2022 JCICEL Conference held on the 20 October once again brought together a diverse range of legal, academic, and business experts from Tsinghua University and UNSW to discuss the newest developments in International Commercial and Economic Law.  

The Tsinghua-UNSW Joint Research Centre for International Commercial and Economic Law (JCICEL) was established in 2019 by these law schools. It aims to facilitate cutting-edge research, provide valuable knowledge-exchange, and develop world-leading professionals in the fields of International Commercial and Economic Law. 

The collaboration has proven to the quality of research, events, and development of key projects between the two Law Schools.  

This year, the JCICEL conference was split into two panels. UNSW Law & Justice Dean Professor Andrew Lynch’s welcoming remarks highlighted UNSW CIBEL’s enduring relationship with Tsinghua Law School and extended thanks to all members contributing to JCICEL’s research and events. Associate Professor Jun Long, Associate Dean of International Affairs at Tsinghua Law School commended the JCICEL initiative and the institutions for their teamwork. He provided his perspective on the regulatory design of matters related to commercial activities in the Civil Code, as he believes they are ‘converging toward an international development trend.’  

Professor Guobin Cui, the Director of the Centre for Intellectual Property at the Tsinghua University School of Law and JCICEL member moderated the first panel, which was centred around  the broad topic of Trade and Investment. Dr Lu Wang shared her thoughts on ‘Force Majeure in Investment Arbitration: Between Treaty and Contract Claims’, and Associate Professor Weihuan Zhou explored ‘Trade v Security: New Developments in Global Trade Rules and China’s Approaches.’ Finally, UNSW CIBEL PhD Graduate and Research Fellow from Guanghua Law School of Zhejiang University, Matthew Peicheng Wu, presented on ‘The Implications on RCEP on Anti-monopoly Enforcement on Dominant E-commerce Platforms in China.’ 

The second panel of the day focussed on Recent Developments in Competition and Digital Regulation. CIBEL Co-Director Professor Deborah Healey moderated the session and spoke on ‘Developments in Digital Regulation in the Asia-Pacific.’ Professor Chenying Zhang, Director of the Centre for Competition Law and Tsinghua University’s School of Law followed with her presentation on ‘Revision of Chinese Antitrust Law and Market Regulation.’  CIBEL PhD Graduate and Teaching Fellow Dr Xue Bai shared her research on ‘Competition Impact Assessment: A Tale of Two Approaches’, and Associate Professor Ge Jiang from the Tsinghua University School of Law explored ‘What Data Protection Can Learn from Trade Secret Protection.’ Finally, Associate Dean of Academic School of Law of Tsinghua University Associate Professor Simin Gao presented on ‘The Indicatorization of Insolvency Law and Its Critics.’   

CIBEL would like to thank everyone who participated and joined this year’s JCICEL event. We look forward to continuing working with Tsinghua University Law School.  

You can find each panel’s recording on our website