New Dynamics in the Post-COVID Context: International Investment Law and Beyond


The implications of investment law for jurisdictions are broad and significant. Chaired by CIBEL Co-director Professor Deborah Healey, this session approached this important topic from diverse viewpoints in trade and investment, with the major focus of the presentations ranging from investment obligations, competition law and policy and the regulation of digital platforms.

Professor Karsten Nowrot, and Kristina Hadzhieva, Lecturer, both from the University of Hamburg, discussed investment agreements with a focus on China in their presentation, ‘Incorporating investors’ responsibilities in international investment agreements: what role for China?’ Dr. Mark McLaughlin from Singapore Management University then addressed investment obligations in a wider context in his presentation titled ‘Managing state capitalism in Asia: national security, competitive neutrality, and investment obligations.’  Thirdly, Associate Professor Alexandr Svetliccini, University of Macau, focused on the implications of one investment agreement in his presentation ‘The EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment: Disciplining Competition Law Enforcement in China?’ Finally, Dr Han Wei Lui, Senior Lecturer, Monash University, explored the concept of digital platform liability in his presentation ‘Exporting the First Amendment through Trade: Platform Immunity, Free Speech, and Global “Constitutional Moment’’.’


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