2020 JCICEL Conference | Law and Technology: International Regulations




The inaugural Tsinghua-UNSW Joint Research Centre for International Commercial and Economic Law (JCICEL) Conference was held virtually on Monday 21 September 2020. The theme of this year's conference was "Law and Technology: International Regulations".

Discussions were carried out from two broad perspectives: IP, commercial and dispute settlement, and trade and investment. Seven presentations from both UNSW Law and Tsinghua University were selected to be presented at this conference, plus two keynote presentations from guest speakers.


With China’s opening-up and accession to the WTO, it plays an increasingly active role in the international economic legal order in terms of scale and speed. China's unprecedented rise requires research, teaching and social engagement to address complex legal issues in international commercial and economic law arising. The Tsinghua-UNSW Joint Research Centre for International Commercial and Economic Law (JCICEL) established in 2019 between UNSW Law and China’s Tsinghua University Law School. It aims to develop a group of world-leading researchers in the fields of International Commercial and Economic Law on general legal issues and China-specific issues.

About the Conference

International commercial and economic law is facing new challenges. These challenges range from dispute settlement and corporate law to technology and investment. This conference brought together experts in different areas to discuss the cutting-edge issues and the future of international economic legal order.

Speakers and Presentations

Session 1: Opening remarks and Keynotes (11:00am-12:30pm AEST)

  1. Opening Remarks by Professor Andrew Lynch, Acting Dean, UNSW Law
  2. Opening Remarks by Professor Weixing Shen, Dean, Tsinghua University Law School; Co-Director, JCICEL
  3. Keynote by Professor Yuejiao Zhang, Tsinghua University, “An Appeal System in International Trade and Investment Dispute Resolution is Necessary”
  4. Keynote by Professor Douglas W Arner, University of Hong Kong, “Technology, Geopolitics and the Evolution of the International Monetary System”

Session 2: IP, commercial and dispute settlement (2:00pm-3:30pm AEST)

  1. Presentation by Associate Professor Alexandra George, CIBEL Centre, UNSW Law
  2. Presentation by Associate Professor Shujie Feng, Tsinghua University, "Software Disruption as Unfair Competition: China’s Experience in Legal Regulation of Technical Behaviours"
  3. Presentation by Associate Professor Charlie Weng, CIBEL Centre, UNSW Law, "Sunset Rule Legislation Study for Chinese Listed Dual Class Companies" Watch Online
  4. Presentation by Associate Professor Kun Fan, CIBEL Centre, UNSW Law, "Judicial Mediation in China" Watch Online
  5. Commentary by Associate Professor Guobin Cui, Tsinghua University 

Session 3: Trade and investment (4:00pm-5:40pm AEST)

  1. Presentation by Dr Weihuan Zhou, CIBEL Centre, UNSW Law, "Subsidising Technology Competition: China and International Trade Regulation" Watch Online
  2. Presentation by Mr Simon Lacey, Institute for International Trade, University of Adelaide, "Technological decoupling, system fragmentation and the breakdown in international economic cooperation" Watch Online
  3. Presentation by Dr Lu Wang, CIBEL Centre, UNSW Law, "FDI screening and the China‐EU investment treaty negotiation: balancing control and openness" Watch Online
  4. Commentary by Professor Weizuo Chen, Tsinghua University